Grey Reveries


In a forest of unseen realities
walks this loner with a mist of boring dew
In his heart nothing but what’s next
in a list of must do’s
A machine of production and destruction
of the freely flowing stream
carrying each one of us
down the reveries of dream.

Dressed in color grey and white
the server in his suit of black
strolls along the revery
spraying all monotony
Neglected bees and pinks for boring things
now its day
now its night
all a waste
unfruitful lives.

There is no cure for this obscure
but a vaccine of healthy laughs.


Undying Love


Inspired by and dedicated to Paladin by Sally Slater

Upon the way of rims of glass
My fate unwound evolved naught but
frozen stout, toilsome route
That led me to your reveries

Naive and strong we fought till dawn
Demons of sorts and forms

A gift spruced atop thy gate
My friendship at your door
Grew fierce and well
with sleepless nights
of sweat and blood and battle much forlorn

At last our mistresses came out
Untouched the friendship still prevailed
But life you see will rub its blade
Till one has bled and been displayed
The truth of hearts intent

And so the fruit, the rock of bonds
Morphed to a blooming stance
An undying thing called love
A master puppeteer our hearts
chose to divert

At time’s end we laid engorged in god’s spell
It’s one for all and all for one
In love’s ongoing tale

Path to follow


I’m walking down a certain path
got to the stop sign on time

from here on its unknown
more than the gypsy woman can know

Down a prison of souls
down an alley of ghosts
down a path of fog
down the way it flows

Oh and if we knew
to go and go in faith

If we saw the things they saw
the ones atop the clouds
look down on us
frail mortals doubt

the fork of ways to doubt
to go and go undecided
doomed never to turn
and try a second time

I’m walking down a certain path
go to the river of flowing time

Hi there!

Hi there friend,

This page is dedicated to all those sleepless nights where music, pen and visuals took hold of my imagination and created poetry. Before reading the poems click on the songs for they create a full sensory experience where the poem touches deep within.


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The Sweetest Thing


It is the sweetest melody

One has ever heard

The sweetest thing mankind posses

A distillation of emotions

Sewn unto the other

Divinity and supreme darkness



As a bird pollinates the silent

Rose, caressing its petals

barely touching its sides

Except for the final touch of glory

So does the sweetest thing compare


It laces out the truth

On love and emotion

Desires and pure passion

The worst sin

The best thing

As if touching the clouds lightly

Slow temperate change

It is Michael Angelo’s arm

Reaching out for God

That sudden moment of understanding

Peace put on a pedestal

A simple kiss between two can create.



It’s a rainy day

Living black and white

Where the sun shines out

Streak in greyish lights

Through the misty glass

Does the world appear to be

By umbrellas the inhabitants

Do eternally live

Gloom and grimy eyes

Follow everywhere

Coarse and sharpened knifes

try and split in two

the naïve creature

that is doomed

Through the broke windows

The perspective seems


Thus inhumane it is

By enchanted means people disappear

To an underworld

Till you are the sole one here.

But when clouds clear out

And the rough wind heals

They will come to light

Stronger than earthlings

The Bloom of the Breeze


A wonderful day is passing by

A haven innate in its demise

With such an array of healthy vibes

The breeze almost plays upon the skies

The leaves are rustling against the trees

And so is the sun upon the cheeks

Of millions of bees

Or passerbys

Who comfortably seek this paradise

A rocket ignites the blue abyss

It leaves a trail of clouds and grease

Expanding it goes and goes in peace

Until it’s erased from the marquee

The moon announces her arrival

Solemnly seeking a recital

From birds and birds in here and there

Before the parade of stars premiers

And so the day goes on a close

Leaving its scent of pomarose

Cantankerous bees go back to home

To sleep and dream and dream in prose

The boom of the breeze goes on and on

It plays with your cheeks until its gone.



Duality by Janae Corrado

Founded is duality

In the sea of Athens

Where the darkest creature

Fair colors does portray

Where enlightened beings

Go about in gray

What monsters can be found in such a hell

Stealth and threat abundant everywhere

Appeal attractively to the monument

Where the five children play

Currents stir the violets, the reds

Such a challenge for those who stay at bay

Poor the ones who do consent

Succumbed to the seasons

On that lovely bay

On the lightest side of this citadel

Inhabit the tough ones

The ones who do not crave

Oh! Such mighty knights

Who drive away the wicked fate

Have none but one fault

Which is found in their façade

But only together this ensemble plays

Only coexisting this creation stays

For the mighty knights

Wouldn’t care to drive away

The unfaltering ones

Where the wicked fate does not exhale

Sans Inspiration


Entwined in the mass

There lay the gemstones

Red, blue, green and white

With brown to the side

This poem is about emotions

The seasons of the heart

But I’m lacking inspiration

To capture the animation

Such things produce in us

Where did it go?

My inspiration

Perhaps it took a walk

Along the gemstones

It only stays home

When the tornadoes

Stir the colors of life

but fair it’s not

because when it’s all calm

and happy and fun

it runs away with my pen

leaving not-rhymes and half poems

with sounds of prose that rose

of bittersweet notes

So I’m quitting till her arrival

I’m done with this revival

You’re lucky I must confess

That not a lot of poems announce

The End.

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